Exhibition “PAESAGGI CONTEMPORANEI NEI LUOGHI DEL PERUGINO” – from April 2023 to March 2024 – Spazio Kossuth, Città della Pieve

April 2023 – March 2024

Spazio Kossuth

Episcopal Palace

Via Pietro Vannucci 34, 06062 Città della Pieve PG

“Paesaggi contemporanei nei luoghi del Perugino” (“Contemporary landscapes in the places of Perugino”) is the title of the exhibition at Spazio Kossuth, at the Bishop’s Palace of Città della Pieve, in Corso Vannucci.

The event, organized in the 500th anniversary of Perugino, is included in the path “Condividere i saperi” (“Share knowledge”) and was made possible thanks to the active collaboration of the Tourist Association Pro Loco Pievese – Unpli Umbria and the support of the 8xmille of Tavola Valdese, with the patronage of the Municipality of Città della Pieve.

The exhibition was inaugurated on Thursday, April 6th, with the welcome of Giuliana Alzati Kossuth, and the interventions of the Mayor of Città della Pieve, Fausto Risini, the Councillor for Culture Luca Marchegiani, and the President of the Pro Loco Pievese Marco Bertozzi. Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, former CEI president and former archbishop of the Diocese of Perugia and Città della Pieve, was among the guests of honor of the vernissage.

The exhibition, curated by Matteo Pacini, includes works by Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth, Francesco Campese, Francesca De Mai, Edoardo Cialfi, Massimiliano Poggioni, Ottavio Mazzonis and Pier Paolo Metelli: these seven contemporary artists, belonging to different generations, represent the places of Perugino, exposing different types of views of “lands and waters”, with urban, introspective and even imaginary landscapes.

The contemporary works dialogue with panels in which details of landscapes painted by Perugino are depicted: with gentle slopes interrupted by sudden and impending rocky walls, forests of beech woods and isolated foliage against the background of a vast body of water in which it is possible to recognize Lake Trasimeno.

The exhibition “Paesaggi contemporanei nei luoghi del Perugino” will be open until March 2024.


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