Impossible Exhibitions

"Maestro singulare et maxime in muro”

The exhibition is a digital retrospective of Perugino’s works, bringing together masterpieces that offer a valuable excursus of the artist’s production, starting from the period of maximum splendor of the master’s activity, reached between Florence, hotbed of the artistic innovations of the time, and the monumental Rome of the Popes, then culminated in the flourishing Perugia and until the last Umbrian works, realized when the master was now old in age.

Thanks to the support of technology, it is possible gather in one place works that, because of their very nature, would otherwise be impossible to admire at the same time: the frescoes realized by Perugino during his long and fruitful artistic activity.

During the path of the exhibition, visitor will get the unique opportunity to admire, collected in the same location, frescoes of extraordinary value, such as the cycle of the Sala delle Udienze of the Nobile Collegio del Cambio of Perugia, or the Delivery of the Keys in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, together with other masterpieces otherwise scattered in various places of Umbria and Italy.

The comparison between these frescoes, and the opportunity to closely admire the details at the highest quality, thanks to the use of 3D photogrammetry technique, will thus offer visitors the opportunity for new insights and new suggestions, through a new emotional, immersive way; an experience to be lived in an exceptional location such as Palazzo della Corgna, located in Perugino’s birthplace, Città della Pieve, and digitized to host this “impossible exhibition”.

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