Adoration of the Magi – Oratorio di Santa Maria dei Bianchi – Città della Pieve

This large fresco, executed by Pietro Vannucci together with his assistants for the church of the order of the Disciplinati or of the Bianchi, located in his birthtown, shows the scene of the Nativity of Christ. The colors are bright and help to distinguish the wide variety of characters, expertly distributed in the pictorial space. At the center of the scene, a young Virgin is sitting on a bench holding on her legs the little Jesus who is tilting his little head towards the King who presents him with gifts,
while saint Joseph, who is standing slightly backwards, attends the scene.
In the background, a dense but composed procession of participants is neatly disposed on both sides of the central scene. Behind the wooden hut, immersed in a peaceful countryside landscape, flocks of sheep, shepherds and riders are approaching to adore the Child.
The fresco is preserved at the Oratorio dei Bianchi.
Perugino, Adoration of the Magi, 1504, fresco, 700 x 650 cm, Oratorio di Santa Maria dei Bianchi, Città della Pieve.