Pinacoteca Diocesana – Senigallia

The Pinacoteca of Senigallia is set up on the first floor of the Bishop’s Palace of the Diocese, in the apartment called “del Cardinale”, for having been the residence of the Cardinals – Bishops of Senigallia.
Large, finely decorated rooms, overlooking the cathedral square, preserve an art collection of great value. After passing the staircase in Vanvitellian style, it is possible to access the picture gallery through the throne room. The Pinacoteca preserves a great collection of paintings by F.Barocci, A.Lilli, G.A.Donducci, E.Ramazzani, C.Guerrieri, G.Cesari, and many other authors, such as Perugino and his Pala di Senigallia, depicting the Madonna enthroned with the Child and Saints. Precious silvers, richly worked vestments, statuary and also a music hall can also be seen during the museum itinerary.
Entrance to the Pinacoteca Diocesana of Senigallia.


Pinacoteca Diocesana of Sacred Art

Perugino’s masterpieces preserved here: