Last Supper – Gemaeldegalerie – Berlin

The panel was originally conceived as predella panel for the Pala Tezi, that Perugino realized in about 1500 for the Chapel of the Tezi family (from which it takes its name) in the church of Sant’Agostino in Perugia.
The work, realized by Perugino in collaboration with one of his assistants (probably Eusebio da San Giorgio or Giannicola di Paolo), depicts the scene of the Last Supper.
The setting of the scene recalls the one realized for the Cenacle of Fuligno: the figures are seated around the table, which fills the full length of the painting. Jesus sits at the center of the scene, surrounded by the twelve apostles on the sides: seven of them are portrayed frontally, while the four at the heads of the table are in profile and only one is depicted from behind, while sitting on the opposite side of the banquet: it is probably Judas.
After the Napoleonic requisitions, the predella was divided from the main altarpiece. The panel is preserved at the Gemaeldegalerie in Berlin.