Ascension of Christ – Duomo – Sansepolcro

The work is located along the left aisle, in the Basilica Concattedrale of Saint John the Baptist.

The composition is incredibly similar to the central table of the altar machine that Perugino realized for the church of the abbey of Saint Peter, in Perugia, with only some differences concering the colors: the painter made extensive use of the same preparatory drawings, having probably found a formula particularly pleasing to the client.

Christ, already risen and ascending into heaven, is greeted by an almond of light and surrounded by cherubim and musical angels while at the bottom of the table, in the center, the Virgin is looking towards her son in prayer; the apostles and other figures, on the sides, are almost blinded by the brightness of the miraculous event. The scene is happening in a countryside landcape, that recalls a typically Umbrian or Valtiberian environment.

The painting is preserved at the Duomo of Sansepolcro.

Perugino, Ascension of Christ, about 1510, oil on panel, 332.5 266 cm, Sansepolcro, Duomo.