The project “PERUGINO LEARNING 500% – 500 years of art x 100 classes”

Perugino learning 500% – 500 years of art x 100 classes is a project aimed at schools for the five hundred years since the death of Pietro Vannucci, which intends to accompany students in the encounter with the art of Perugino, the Renaissance and their connections in the territory .
The year of the celebrations of Perugino 2023 thus becomes the occasion for a special formative experience for primary schools and first and second grade secondary schools.
The project moves on two dimensions of learning:
> in presence, with class meetings and experiences in museums in direct contact with the works,
> on the web, to make educational content accessible to the widest possible audience.
The main objectives are:
> enhancing cultural heritage as an educational resource,
> promote the acquisition of transversal skills and attitudes of active citizenship,
> supporting the future audience while being educated,
> promoting inclusion through the web and the digital dimension.
The project offered to the first 100 classes of the schools of Umbria that have given their membership:
> free meeting at school with an expert to get to know the figure and the work of Pietro Vannucci in reference to its historical and cultural context
> a visit to one of the museums of the Umbrian territory that preserve works by Perugino and other Renaissance masters.
The project is completed with a meeting reserved for teachers.

Perugino learning 500% – 500 years of art x 100 classes is designed by Sistema Museo, a company active for over thirty years in education and cultural heritage, and realized with the contribution of the Organizing Committee for the celebrations for the fifth centenary of the death of the painter Pietro Vannucci known as Perugino.


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