Many clicks from the USA for Perugino Growing web and social views

The celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Pietro Vannucci are particularly felt, not only by Perugia and Città della Pieve but by many visitors from around the world, who keep up to date thanks to the news of the web!

The web portal Perugino2023, in the two months of January-February with a further surge in the month of March, reported an increase of 129.99% of navigators arriving for the first time and an increase of 155.46% of page views. Also the faithful of the site are in constant increase with a +2.15%.

Surprisingly, the participation of the United States: compared to the United Kingdom (18.97%) and Germany (109.68%), the USA totaled an increase of 143.26%.

The official social media pages Facebook and Instagram of Perugino2023 also contribute to the spread of initiatives related to Perugino and to promote the painter in the world: interactions have increased by +70.4%.

An excellent result for the company Archimede Arte, which has created the platform with the intention of making available for all museums and institutions a channel of promotion of the sixteenth anniversary.


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