Lindenau-Museum – Altenburg

With an internationally significant collection of 180 early Italian Renaissance panel paintings, antique vases, a cast collection,a unique art library and an extensive collection of paintings, graphic art and sculptures from classical modernism to the present, the museum founded in 1848 by Bernhard August von Lindenau (1779-1854) is one of the most unusual and at the same time most renowned German art museums.
Proof of its special position as a “cultural beacon” is its inclusion in the Conference of National Cultural Institutions, to which 23 nationally significant museum institutions in East Germany belong.
The master plan “The Lighthouse on the Blue Tide – The New Lindenau-Museum and Altenburg’s Assets,” presented in 2017, opened a new chapter in the history of the art museum: the concept envisions extensive renovation and modernization of the art museum as well as expansion to include the Ducal Stables in order to create optimal conditions for the museum’s outstanding collections and its visitors.
With the support of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Thuringia, these plans have been implemented since 2020. After the reopening, thanks to the air conditioning of the exhibition rooms, it will finally be possible to cooperate with international collections for which the Lindenau-Museum has so far only been a frequently requested lender.
Until the reopening of the tradition-steeped museum building at the foot of Schlossberg, the house will not stand still: as part of the large-scale Lindenau21Plus project, which received renewed funding from the Federal Republic of Germany, new programs for digitization, education and outreach will be launched in addition to accelerated tourism marketing and the strengthening of research.
In close cooperation with the Residenzschloss Altenburg, with which the Lindenau Museum 2020 has entered into a municipal consortium of Altenburg museums, the cultural beacon of Altenburg will be made to shine far beyond the borders of central Germany.
The Lindenau-Museum, Altenburg.




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