Last Supper – Florence

The fresco occupies the entire wall of the convent of the Franciscan tertiaries, including some women of high social abstraction, which since 1430 have been organized in the Congregation leaded by Angelina da Montegiove at the monastery of Sant’Anna da Foligno, from which derives the name “Cenacolo di Fuligno”.
The subject of the work had already been decided in the mid-fifteenth century, and in 1462 Neri di Bicci realized a first fresco; for unkown reasons, the nuns, less than thirty years later, decided to have a brand new decoration for this wall, for which they charged Perugino.
The scene involves a long table, behind which the apostles and Jesus are placed, while on the other side, the only one showing his back, Judas sits holding the bag containing the money received for his betrayal.
Beyond the high seatback, covered with precious painted brocades, on the background of a loggia we can see a countryside landscape where another scene of the life of Christ, the Prayer in the garden, is taking place in the distance.
The fresco is preserved at the former Convent of Sant’Onofrio in Florence.
Perugino, Last Supper, 1485-1490, fresco, 794 x 435, Florence, former Convent of Sant'Onofrio