Church of San Sebastiano – Panicale

Overlooking Lake Trasimeno, outside Panicale city walls, the Church of San Sebastiano appears as a small building. His foundation dates back to the fifteenth century by commission of the local community which wanted a place to pray, near to a hospital for plague victims. During the sixteenth century, some Jesuists friars settled in the complex; later on, it was also used as a school for girls managed by the congregation of Vergini di Maria.

The structure of the church originally also included a portico, of which only two arches are still preserved today.

The interior had to have a double sloping roof, with wooden trusses in view and today shows the changes due to the various changes of ownership. After changings and refurbishments over centuries, the church of San Sebastiano appears as a single-nave room covered by cross vaults supported by pillars. The church is totally plastered, except for the back wall that preserves the fresco of the Martyrdom of San Sebastiano realized by Perugino in 1505. The church also preserves a fresco attributed to Raphael, depicting The Virgin with baby Jesus and musician angels; Besides, a canvas painted by Pomarancio is located above a lateral altar, depicting Our Lady of Grace..

Church of San Sebastiano, Panicale.


Church of San Sebastiano

Perugino’s masterpieces preserved here:

Martyrdom of San Sebastiano