Baptism of Christ – Cathedral – Città della Pieve

The panel was made to adorn the new chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist in the Cathedral of Spoleto, built according to the will of Nicola di Valente Porchetti in 1495, as expressed in his testamentary legacy.
The scene, which composition is harmonious and symmetrical, shows the event of the Baptism of Christ by the waters of the Jordan River: Saint John and Jesus stand in the center of the center, while the dove of the Holy Spirit is right above them, and two Angels are praying in a slightly backward position. The countryside landscape shows onlu an urban center in the distance, as well as some stylized trees. The setting of the whole scene recalls, in a more simplified manner, the more articulated Baptism conceived for the Sistine Chapel.
The painting has been considered a work of Perugino’s students for a long time, but after the restorations the critics agree on attributing it to the Master.
The painting is preserved at the Cathedral of Città della Pieve.
Perugino, Baptism of Christ, after 1490, oil on panel, 160 x 210 cm, Cathedral of Saints Gervasio and Protasio, Città della Pieve