Pinacoteca – Bettona

The Pinacoteca Comunale di Bettona, founded in 1904, is housed between the Podestà Palace, built by the will of the Cardinal Egidio Albornoz, and the family Biancalana’s noble residence. The Gallery preserves many paintings realized by local artists (such as Dono Doni, Perugino, Tiberio d’Assisi, Fiorenzo di Lorenzo etc.), engravings, sculptures, ceramics, signets, ancient coins and a rich collection of archeological remains from the Roman and Etruscan Age, for a total of two important sections dedicated to local history.

Nearby, renovation works revealed an ancient well dated back to the end of XV century, presenting a circular plant and sandstone blocks, with 6,40 m of diameter on the levelground. Moreover, there are also remains of earthed walls and a beautiful tract of Roman basalt.

Museum of the City of Bettona.


Museum of the City

Perugino’s masterpieces preserved here: