Church of Annunziata – Fontignano (Perugia)

Located in the small village of Fontignano (near Perugia), the church of Annunziata is most famous for the tomb of the famous painter Perugino, who was working at the fresco decoration of this church when he was caught by plague and died in 1523.

The church was built between fifteenth and sixteenth century, replacing an aedicule decorated by Benedetto Bonfigli with a painting representing the Announciation of the Virgin and therefore preserving the same dedication to Our Lady. The church has small dimensions, and when the street crossing ahead was enlarged during the twentieth century, the aisle was even slightly reduced.

Facade of the church of Annunziata, Fontignano.


Church of Annunziata

Perugino’s masterpieces preserved here:

Madonna with Child