Baptism of Christ – Sistine Chapel – Vatican City

Perugino certainly realized the composition and the preparatory drawings of the two main figures, Jesus and John the Baptist, and of some of the characters on the left, strongly characterized physiognomically and by the decisive graphic trait recalling the Florentine style. On the other side, the crowded scene in the foreground, the genre scenes, the taste for the story, the meticulous details in painting clothes, vegetation, animals are typical of the Umbrian school: it is probable that, alongside Vannucci, painters such as Pintoricchio and Andrea l’Ingegno work at the fresco.
The fresco is preserved at the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums.
Perugino, Baptism of Christ, about 1482, fresco, 335 x 540 cm, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel / Copyright © Governatorato dello Stato della Città del Vaticano - Direzione dei Musei